March 27, 2015 Hello Dear SCV Family!

Well, it sounds like Spring has finally sprung in St. Stephen and although it may take quite some time until all that snow is totally gone, you know the warmer weather is just around the corner!

So we’ve been here for five months now! The rains have stopped early (and they started late), which means a poor crop yield and food shortage all over Zimbabwe. Most of the food we eat is grown or raised right here at Eden, so for the most part, we are not personally experiencing a shortage. It will mean Eden will have less to sell, and so affect us that way. There are plenty of chickens and eggs, cows, milk and butter and seasonal fruit and vegetables to eat. Aside from that, we have to buy imported foods.
The girls are doing really well here. Their days are spent mainly at school – Eden Christian Academy – leaving the house at 6:45 to be on time for the 7am start! They have a 30 minute break from 10 – 10:30, then back to class until lunch at 1pm. On Mondays and Wednesdays they go back to school in the afternoon from 2 – 4, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays the kids have “Sports” from 2 – 4. This past semester, because it was the summer term (January – March), we have been doing swimming lessons with 16 kids from 9 – 13 years of age. The pool is about 3 feet deep and 14 feet across, but when these kids got in on the first day, for many of them, it was their very first time in a pool! They have come a long way since then and are always very excited about swimming during Sports. Some of the kids can even do underwater summersaults now! They shout “Carole! See!” and then they swim the distance across the pool (or halfway, depending on if anyone gets in their way as they go). The month of April is school holidays, so no school until May 5th.
Jeff has been working hard on the new clinic the last few months and it’s really coming along! There are still a few major things that need to happen before it can open, but we anticipate having a grand opening by mid-May or thereabouts. In addition to that, Jeff has also been working on being able to get the chickens moved into the new chicken barns by building their pens and getting solar power hooked up inside. The old chicken barns burned down along with the teen girls’ house and some staff housing back in September.
I have been put in charge of the clinic while Judy and Rory are away in the States for the next 6 weeks. This means more clerical duties – mainly inputting patient data into the computer when there is power, and also having final say on any queries or emergencies that may occur. The clinic staff have been working together for quite some time now, so it’s a good team. The other new responsibility I have is to do morning devotions for 12 of the women on staff at Eden. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I go prepared with some encouragement, thought or Scripture. The challenge is that English is not really a strong point with at least half of these ladies!
I’ll leave you with a couple of prayer requests. The first is that our next trip to Harare/immigration goes smoothly. This will be month number five, and next month we will need to leave Zimbabwe for a short period of time and re-enter on another 6 month visitor’s visa.
#2 is that we are still only a little better than the halfway point needed for financial support. We have lowered our budget to $1200 USD per month and are receiving just shy of $700 in monthly support. Would you pray about contributing $15 per month for the next 15 months? Speak to Lorna or send her an email ( if you can help.
The land is cleared and the footings have been dug for our new house! Each month we are hoping to do some work towards the building of the Way House, which is just the next plot over from where we are right now (I can see it from the window). The money for this will come over and above the budgeted $1200, so if you’re interested in contributing towards that project, please specify to Lorna.
We would love to have some confirmed prayer support as well. Let us know if you are praying for us! If you happen to be thinking about us, why not drop us a line to say hello? Life is different here and can get lonely and even difficult at times. We do miss you and still need you, even though we’re far away physically. Our email addresses are below.
God bless you and keep you,
Carole, Jeff, Lia and Naomi

Carole –
Jeff –
FB: thezimbabways
Physical address: The Ways
c/o Eden Children’s Village
PO Box 166, Mhangura

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