SCV & Friends Refugee Committee Housing Update

After much deliberation and visitation of a number of housing options, the Refugee Housing Committee has decided to rent apartment #3 , 45 Union Street, St Stephen (Todd Hall).
Geordie & Kathy Hull, members of our Vineyard Community, have recently purchased the property and are presently renovating the building one apartment at a time. Apartment #3 is next on the list, and we have offered to lend them a hand in preparing it for our future newcomers.
Gary Soucoup has been hired to manage the renovation which will begin today.
Target deadline for completion is January 31.
If any of you would be able to volunteer, that would be so appreciated:)
Jobs include:
  • tearing out old materials
  • removing old materials from the work space
  • crack filling
  • painting
  • and more
To help with the renovation,
please email, phone or text Gary directly
with details of your availability, skill set and contact information. 
You can contact Gary via:
You will be notified to help as needed.
It is exciting to see all our efforts moving us closer to welcoming a new family to St Stephen!
Please pray for safety and unity as we work together on this most worthwhile project.

Pray as well for the family as the work is done, that they will settle into their new home with grace and ease,

Thank You
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