Here are two announcements from Don & Tom, our beloved “co-chairs” ….


The date to request our refugee family has been moved to January 29th (tenatively) for a couple of reasons.

  • As always with construction there are delays.  Floors will not be ready to have furniture moved in until then barring any complications
  • There has been a news release today indicating that once we apply for a family they may already be in Canada in temporary housing.  This means our family would arrive very quickly so it is safer that we are pretty much ready for them when we apply.

We will keep you posted on these developments.


The Bank of Nova Scotia is holding a fundraiser for us.  They are having a Valentine’s Day Cupcake Sale on Friday, February 12th from 10 – 2:30 in the bank.  We need:

  • someone who is willing to take lead on advertising and create some stir!  A FB events page, putting up posters (someone is designing one), article in the Courier (Kathy Bockus is very keen), etc.  – Please connect with Karen or Donnie

  • anyone who is willing to bake some cupcakes – even better if decorated in a Valentine’s Day theme! – Please connect with Sheila by the 29th (next Friday) for details if interested.
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